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Polls show that fewer than one-half of voters are prepared to vote for the tandem again, and that leads to the question whether the dozen other parties can accumulate sufficient votes to deny it the majority. I personally hope that the other parties will take the majority and will be able to form a stable coalition, because Harmony in my eyes is unacceptable for its excessive and entirely incomprehensible friendship with Russia and specifically with the pocket party of the Russian tsar, United Russia.

The issue of whether that will happen depends in part on the fact that right now one-quarter of voters say that they have not yet decided for whom to vote.

Modes rokasgrāmata pilnam skaitlim Skatīties drēbes pilnām sievietēm. Modes rokasgrāmata pilnam skaitlim Ne tik sen, pilnas sievietes sūdzējās, ka viņi nevarēja izvēlēties skaistus un stilīgus apģērbus.

If they break in the direction of Harmony, it will probably continue to run the city for another four years with all that that implies. Populism has been rife in this campaign. Parties are promising free health kāja slimming wo piit for seniors, free public transportation kāja slimming wo piit, free health insurance for the elderly, etc.

kāja slimming wo piit

There have also been entirely peculiar promises. Aknīste is a small town in southeastern Latvia, and one party there is promising that if elected, it will withdraw the Aknīste Administrative District from NATO.

Skatīties drēbes pilnām sievietēm. Modes rokasgrāmata pilnam skaitlim

Needless to say, that is not a local government issue, though it would certainly be interesting to see a little island of non-NATO territory amidst a sea of alliance territory. Elsewhere a party is promising to organize free tractor driving courses for young people.

kāja slimming wo piit

There are also some interesting candidates in Riga. In other towns, there are council chairs who have been in office since God was a teenager.

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The people of Ventspils will probably reelect the venal Aivars Lembergs even though he is on trial for serious financial and other crimes. Uldis Sesks will probably win another term in Liepāja after 16 years at the helm, ditto Mayor Andris Rāviņš in Jelgava. All in all, there are 8, candidates from different parties, alliances of parties or alliances of voters this is permitted in local government elections, but not national ones.

One way or another, Latvians will be electing members of councils in administrative districts and nine cities. There is one administrative district where there is only one slate of candidates, while in other places people are spoilt for choice, with ten or more slates.

Diabēta ēdieni, kurus var un nevar

Latvian citizens living abroad, of course, cannot vote in the election, because for the local government vote, you must be a resident of the relevant district. In Latvia, in turn, there is also the issue of voter turnout.

kāja slimming wo piit

If the weather is nice on Saturday, that will probably depress turnout, although precincts have already been open today, Wednesday, and will be open tomorrow and Friday, as well. No excuse not to vote, in other words.

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It is the duty of every citizen to vote, and I will certainly go to the polls on Saturday. Though I must say that this is the first election in my whole life where I am not yet certain for whom I will vote.