Rūta Briede

Greeting card for Inga. 2016

Poster for StartUpVitamins. 2016

Swimming Pool. 2013

For My Dear

Greetings for Kristīne. 2016

Horsepower. 2011

Greeting card for Jānis. 2016

Illustrations for Benji Knewman magazine. 2016

Illustration for Satori

Illustrations for children picture book serie BIKIBUKS. 2015

Clouds. 2009

Eternal Coffee Break. 2011

Published on Kafka coffee package.

They Will Fly Back. 2011

Published at Ir Calendar.

Marry Poppins, Christopher Columbus having mass of coffee in
Barbara. Also Klaus M. Brandauer are there.

Published at Kuš! Christmas Postcard Set 2010.

There are Clouds Dawn
In My Heart. 2012

For A Swim. 2012

Very Modern Birds. 2016

From the book "The Queen of Seagulls", published by liels un mazs. 2017

Poster for a puppet play "Knight who had a toothache". 2017

Modern Birds II. 2016

November. Reasercher Crow is inspecting constructions of a trees. 2016

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